In a world of constant change, creativity and accountability are keys to producing extraordinary results and an alternative perspective helps us see new possibilities. As Kent always says, “Perception is the problem. And the opportunity.”

Today, coaching is no longer restricted to athletes. Peak performers in all areas of life — academic, athletic, business, music, anything — take advantage of the power of coaching.


Types of coaching available:

Individual Coaching: Kent challenges individuals to develop new habits, beliefs, and behavioral patterns to best utilize their potential through engaging systems of accountability and responsibility.  Individuals will better understand themselves, the current market conditions, and how they can maximize their unique gifts.
Group Coaching: The desired outcome is the same as above, but the execution differs slightly. After select topics are discussed by yours truly, specific activities and assignments encourage participants to collaborate, push through their comfort zone, and hold each other accountable.
Team Coaching (sports teams, academic teams, and organizational teams):  The objective:  Identifying strengths of individual members and learning how to work in unison to achieve common goals.

Typically, coaching sessions are held once a week for 1-2 hours, but a coaching relationship is never preordained – and neither is the course content.  Everyone’s needs are different and therefor coaching programs with Kent are always customized.

If you are interested in our Maverick coaching services with Kent Healy, please use the email submission fields below with “Coaching” in the title and address the following questions:

  • What is your challenge?
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If you want 1 year of prosperity, grow grain.

If you want 10 years of prosperity, grow trees.

If you want 100 years of prosperity, grow people.

— Chinese Proverb


One powerful workshop can change the direction and operations of a school, an organization, and the individuals who make them work. Kent guides participants through many important developmental phases and procedures in a focused environment.  This process reveals existing challenges and then respectfully develops solutions for better performance and maximum productivity.

After attending more than eight schools on two continents and working with top business professionals from various fields and backgrounds, Kent works to bring a fresh and unique perspective to educational, business, and growth.

Education – Faculty Workshops: An education system can only be as good as the educators who implement the system.  This workshop is directed at schools and universities looking to improve student and faculty performance through innovative solutions.  Faculty and management are where all results are set in motion.  Educating and inspiring staff to consistently be at their best sets a new precedent for all students to follow.
Education – Student Workshops: Students are the future of this world.  Teachers and parents share the responsibility of preparing the young generation for a life of success and personal fulfillment—and this can only come as a result of discovering and using the right tools.  After an early wakeup call in Kent’s mid-teens, he spent years researching the necessary tools required to succeed in the real world—and today he shares these discoveries with thousands of other young people to create the life they want and deserve.
Corporate and Organizational Workshops: An entrepreneur at heart, Kent have trained himself to recognize opportunities and solutions for organizational growth and effectiveness.  All change and improvement requires strategy, communication, collaboration, crystal-clear objectives, and consistent action. Kent’s organizational workshops are designed to align company systems with company strengths to achieve maximum results with minimal expense.

“Success means more than just moving forward.

It means coming together to move in the same direction.”

— Kent Healy


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