Kent wears many hats, but his passion to communicate has helped him appreciate the art of sculpting words and creating unique thought-provoking images.

Kent has written several books; he has enjoyed being a newspaper columnist for several years; and he has had the unique opportunity to work with highly acclaimed authors in the field of personal development.  When wearing his “writer’s hat”, he is working on his next book, posting articles on his blogs, and writing features articles for various magazines and publications.

Some of his existing work is available for republishing and syndication. If you are interested, please send details using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Blogs by Kent Healy:

Kent’s blogs are enjoyed by thousands of readers around the world. He is very strict about the quality of content posted on each blog and publication to ensure it’s valuable to his readers. We hope you’ll take time to visit his blogs indicated below.


The uncommon Life: Uncommonsense for an unconventional life. Candid insights and observations for a life on your terms:


Maxims 4 Mavericks: Concise insights for an uncommon life. In brief, convenient doses, learn the maxims original thinkers use to bend reality:


Uncommon Musings: Random, but worthwhile insights for an uncommon life (a more intimate look inside my head and life).


25 to Life: Life after 25 doesn’t have to be a prison sentence. A quest for lifestyle freedom. (A work in progress)

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