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Author, speaker, columnist, real estate investor, entrepreneur, artist, and advocate of applied sciences in the realm of personal lifestyle.

The rest of the story:

As a young teen, Kent realized that his conventional education was not teaching him everything he needed to know to thrive in the real world. But this initial disillusionment inspired him to seek information from uncommon places — a quest that has become a constant theme in his life.

Personal interviews, books, conventions, perpetual travel, and a series of personal life experiments exposed an alternative world of near infinite possibility. Naturally, abiding by the status quo seemed as worthwhile and fulfilling as wandering blindfolded through a jury-rigged maze.

But sometimes frustration encourages innovation.

Needless to say, he wrote his first book as a buoyant teenager, appropriately titled, “Cool Stuff” They Should Teach in School.

What followed was a whirlwind journey of public speaking, media appearances, and yes, more paradigm-bending life-lessons.  Along the way Kent was fortunate enough to meet, learn from, and work with some of the world’s leading experts on personal and business performance. By age 24, he authored six books (and continues write today), but has also dedicated much of his time investing in real estate.

When he’s not traveling to speak to numerous schools and organizations, he’s probably looking for the next great real estate investment, or simply jetting around the globe because … well, why not?

Kent’s passion for self-direction and business has led him to become a member of The Young Entrepreneur Council, an invite-only community of the world’s top, young entrepreneurs. Together, The YEC works to equip aspiring, young business owners with all of the knowledge and support that they need to launch successful businesses.

Today Kent manages three businesses, writes three blogs (here, here, and here), surfs whenever possible, and enjoys life with his wife.

Kent is a student of life with an insatiable appetite to learn about the dichotomies of modern life and our assumptions that frame our rather subjective understanding “reality.”  Today he shares life-lessons, thought-provoking art, tips, and tricks to trounce the status quo and experience life on your own terms.


Kent’s blogs:


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